Management - Chairman's Message


There had been a wide gulf that was waiting to be filled .Talented students from kolhapur, Sangli,Karad ,Satara Districts aspiring for IITs and premier Medical Colleges had to go far away from their homes to a different culture and train for 2 years for the Premier JEE or Medical CET exams. We wanted to close this gulf and it is with this in mind that it was decided to accommodate the Sanjay Ghodawat IIT and Medical Academy at SGI campus in Atigre . We alredy have had a huge success at the Engineering,Polytechnic,Management,School end and that gave us enough impetus to commence the SG IIT and Medical Academy. The USP of our SG IITMA is the faculty that we have got from premier coaching institutes from Kota,Hyderabad. We have faculty who are experts in their teaching for 15-20 years and have produced many IITians or Doctors for our nation.They all work under the Director,Mr.Srinivas Konduti(Vasu sir) Who was again an expert faculty and Academic Administrator at an institue at Hyderabad . Recently our result have proved that we on track and I believe that SG IITMA will go on to be a boon for many talented IIT and Medical aspirants students of our Nation.

With Best Wishes,
Shri. Sanjay Ghodawat
Sanjay Ghodawat IIT and Medical Academy