Sanjay Ghodawat Olympiad School

Sanjay Ghodawat Olympiad School


  • Good Command Over the Fundamentals in the Subjects
  • To Inculcate Good Communication Skills by using Scientific methods Like Audio Visual aids,Language workshop     & Modern Teaching Methods
  • To Inculcate Social & Ethical Values as "Today's Kid is Tomorrow's Citizen"
  • Good Nutritious Food , Games & Meditation

Aims & Objectives

  •   To Mould the Thinking of the School Children in the Right Direction
  •   To Decrease the Stress and Strain Of The Students in Std.XI & XII
  •   To Help Your child to Have a Competitive Spirit
  •   To Have Good Command Over The Fundamental In the Subjects
  •   To Improve Logical Thinking & Application Skills
  •   To gets Trained in Analytical thinking & Quick Grasping
  •   To Have Help Him/Her to Be Better Prepared , Be Mentally Fit
  •   To Help Your Child Manage Stress And Cultivate Problem Solving Skills

Salient Features

  •    Programme that includes Maharashtra State Board Teaching & coaching for Competitive Exams like
       - Pre-Secondary Scholarship,Homibhabha,M.T.S.E,N.T.S.E,SIMO,SIPO,SICO,SIBO etc.
  •   Students' Performance Feedback Communicated Regularly To Parents Through SMS
  •   Special In House Personality Grooming Session Conducted By Experts
  •   Analysis Of Results OF Weekly Tests & Personal Student Counselling
  •   Micro Schedules to Suit Various Learning Levels
  •   Personalised Attention
Extra - Curricular Activities

Quiz Competitions


Brain Storming Sessions

Discussion Science Explorations


Music Classes

Field Trip (Eduction Field Visit

Sports Meet